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Receiving delivery forecasts and orders
ipOFTP accepts incoming purchase orders and delivery forecasts and forwards them to your ERP/inhouse system. For your inhouse system, received delivery forecasts and orders are new files in a shared folder.

By accessing the ipOFTP communication box with your browser, you will get a list of received files. When you click on a list entry, ipOFTP displays the contents in a readable, printable and understandable form.
The low-cost solution for receiving and sending VDA and EDIFACT messages via Internet and OFTP.
ipOFTP automatically generates the end-to-end response for incoming files. In effect processing at your company is as if you had received the order or schedule via e-mail or fax - only via EDI, thus the data can be processed automatically.

Delivery forecasts are transmitted in various VDA and EDIFACT formats. The file formats most often used are VDA4905, VDA4915, DELFOR and DELJIT. Purchase orders are received in EDIFACT ORDERS format. Here, a response in EDIFACT ORDRSP format is regularly expected.

While the VDA formats are quite strictly standardized, the EDIFACT formats give the sender lots of choices regarding the transmitted data and its formatting.

If your inhouse system can handle the file format of the delivery forecast or order, the file will be forwarded by ipOFTP unchanged.

If your inhouse system cannot handle the customer format, ipOFTP converts the file to the desired in-house import format.

If delivery forecasts are received from multiple customers in EDIFACT formats, often the best option will be to convert these files immediately upon receipt into a uniform format that is processed by your ERP/inhouse system. ipOFTP can handle this conversion.

is adapted to the needs of suppliers and service providers who exchange VDA or EDIFACT messages with their customers.
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