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Sending shipping notices and invoices
ipOFTP accepts shipping notices and invoices from your ERP/inhouse system and forwards them to your customers. Your inhouse system writes the data as files to a shared folder.

By accessing the ipOFTP communication box with your browser, you get a list of sent files. When you click on a list entry, ipOFTP displays the contents of the shipping notice or invoice in a readable, printable and understandable form.

The low-cost solution for receiving and sending VDA and EDIFACT messages via Internet and OFTP.
Delivery notices are transmitted in VDA4913 or DESADV format. For invoices, the EDIFACT INVOIC format is used. The EDIFACT formats leave a lot of room for individual adjustments and requirements, many customers use their own adapted variant for DESADV and INVOIC.

If your inhouse system can generate the shipping notice file format requested by the customer, the file is forwarded unchanged.

If your inhouse system cannot generate the customers required format, ipOFTP converts the delivery note data provided by your inhouse system into the file format requested by the customer.

If delivery notices in DESADV format are sent to several customers, the best option will often be to have your ERP/inhouse system provide the delivery note data in a uniform format. Before sending, the DESADV file is created from the delivery note data. ipOFTP can handle this conversion step.

is adapted to the needs of suppliers and service providers who exchange VDA or EDIFACT messages with their customers.
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