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Engineering-data dataflow
Transfer of confidential CAD data
ENGDAT is not a fixed data format, but a defined workflow describinig how technical documents are exchanged. The transferred files usually belong to CAD programs or specialized applications and are, in contrast to other EDI messages, large.

ipOFTP takes care of the following for you in this workflow:

  • The transport encryption
  • The encryption and decryption of the files themselves
  • Ensuring that the files are transferred completely and correctly

No processing or conversion of the files takes place in the ipOFTP communication box. ipOFTP does, however, send the so-called end-to-end response to the sender after successful transmission.

The low-cost solution for receiving and sending VDA and EDIFACT messages via Internet and OFTP.
If you only need OFTP for the transfer of design and development documents, you probably only need to process a reduced setup list.

  • Internet access
  • Odette identification
    If you communicate with only one client you may also arrange with him to use a specific identification.
  • Certificate
    If you communicate with one or a few clients, we recommend using a self-signed certificate. There are no costs for this and you do not need a new one at regular intervals.
  • Subdomain or fixed IP address
    Normally it is sufficient to poll for new files so no subdomain, no forwarding and no incoming connection is needed. The ipOFTP communication box then regularly establishes a connection to the other side and retrieves any files that may be present.

Whether this list is sufficient or whether you need to maintain a complete EDI infrastructure can only be clarified with your client. But you can start according to this list and extend the setup when it becomes necessary.

In daily operation, the use is simple. The inbound and outbound folders of the ipOFTP communication box are accessible as shares on the network. To send a file, copy it to the outbox folder. Incoming files can be found in the inbox folder.

When a new file is received, this is indicated by a green LED on the ipOFTP communication box. Additionally you can use the option that ipOFTP sends you an email when a new file is available.

is adapted to the needs of suppliers and service providers who exchange VDA or EDIFACT messages with their customers.
The ipOFTP communikation box is an open Linux system complete with graphical user interface.

For all common szenarios you will find explanations in the integration manual and sample scripts on the device.

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