Usage - ipOFTP

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Receiving orders and delivery schedules

You want to receive incoming orders and delivery schedules via EDI and process them automatically? Part of your customers want to send VDA while others use EDIFACT formats? Your inhouse system cannot read these formats?

IpOFTP converts incoming formats to CSV and inhouse formats.

Sending shipping notices and invoices

You want to send advanced shipping notices and invoices automatically? Your customers expect different EDIFACT and VDA formats? Your inhouse system cannot generate all of these diferent formats?

ipOFTP generates the formats requested by the customer from CSV and inhouse format files.

Receives, transmits and converts EDIFACT- and VDA- messages.

Reads and writes CSV and in-house formats and can be linked to your ERP system.
Connect an inhouse system to EDI

The inhouse system in use supports the processes of your business optimally? Now you want to extend it with an uncomplicated EDI connection?

With ipOFTP you implement the EDI connection by a file transfer via a network share. ipOFTP handles the conversion between EDI and CSV or inhouse formats.

Transfer confidential CAD data

You want to exchange design data with your client and need a secure transmission path? For this purpose you plan to use encrypted ENGDAT or ENGPART communication?

ipOFTP encrypts and decrypts CAD files and transfers them via OFTP.

is adapted to the needs of suppliers and service providers who exchange VDA or EDIFACT messages with their customers.
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