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OFTP setup
The ipOFTP communication box is a ready-to-use device that you only need to connect to your local network. But in order for the overall "EDI communication" workflow to run smoothly, in three areas there remain subtasks to be handled.

  1. Network
    Incoming and outgoing EDI connections must be enabled.
  2. Data transport
    Connections with customers must be set up.
  3. Data processing
    Incoming files must be processed, outgoing data must be prepared and sent.
The low-cost solution for receiving and sending VDA and EDIFACT messages via Internet and OFTP.
Below is a summary of how the process of setting up OFTP communication is when using ipOFTP.

We will take care of the OFTP and EDI subtasks at a fixed price.
Once you have decided to use ipOFTP
  1. You order the version of ipOFTP that suits you best.
  2. We contact you, you provide us with the necessary information to set up and test the communication with your customers.
  3. You receive the fully configured and tested ipOFTP communication box.
At the first start
  1. Connect the ipOFTP communication box to your network.
    At the first start you also connect monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  2. The IP address is displayed on the monitor.
    Enter this address in your browser, the ipOFTP user interface will be displayed.
  3. Configure OFTP forwarding in your router.
    All necessary information will be displayed in your browser.
Communication partners
  1. In case you do not already own an odette identification and a certificate you may buy these or have us obtain and install both.
  2. Fill in the OFTP parameter sheet and send it to your communication partners. You will find a template on the ipOFTP communication box.
  3. Fill in the data of your communication partners in the configuration pages. You can do this easily by accessing th ipOFTP communication box with your browser.
  4. OFTP communication is ready for operation.
    Start a connection test with one of your customers to convince yourself.
Integration with your ERP/Inhouse system
  1. ipOFTP can be easily integrated with your ERP/inhouse system. Integration instructions are included. If desired, we will be happy to support your system administrators with the implementation.
  2. Incoming delivery schedules are then automatically converted and forwarded to your ERP/inhouse system, outgoing shipping notifices are automatically converted to VDA or EDIFACT format and sent to the customer.
In everyday operation
  1. In everyday operation, the ipOFTP communication box only requires connection to the power supply and the local network.
  2. When new calls have been received, this is indicated by a colored LED. If the option "e-mail notification" is active an e-mail message is sent on reception of new files.
  3. You can then open the IP address of the communication box with your browser. The list of received files is displayed.
  4. Click on the file you want to view. The content of the file is displayed formatted for viewing.

is adapted to the needs of suppliers and service providers who exchange VDA or EDIFACT messages with their customers.
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