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ipOFTP communication box
The uncomplicated EDI solution
You get a ready-to-use EDI system. ipOFTP runs on either a Nano computer or a Linux virtual server.

No installation of a complex software system, no problem at the next update or patchday, space-saving, power-saving, ergonomic, non-stop available and robust.

ipOFTP is available in three configuration levels. The basic version includes three active EDI connections. The extended versions communicate with up to 10 or 20 EDI partners.
ipOFTP communication box
OFTP1 and OFTP2 protocols
Encrypted data transfer
Send and receive all file types
Administration in browser
File access by network share
Can be connected to
inhouse systems
Number of EDI connections31020
Parallel communications1220
Installed on nano computer

Installed on Linux server

Price plus VAT900,00 €1300,00 €
2900,00 €


We believe in our product and therefore give you a 3 month money back guarantee.
Receives, sends and converts EDIFACT and VDA messages.
ipOFTP will be installed on your premises in any case. Choose the nano-computer solution, or the virtual Linux server according to your environment and requirements.

The number of possible EDI connections can be increased at any time - just as the number of your EDI partners increases.

Talk to our support about the solution that best fits your needs!
In operation there are no ongoing costs..

You order the version of ipOFTP that suits you best. We take care of the details. We provide the full range of necessary EDI services at a fixed price.

On the ipOFTP communication box we convert between inhouse and EDI formats. Connecting your ERP system or your inhouse software to EDI is easily possible.

We also support you in setting up the OFTP internet connection and on request we also configure and test the communication with your customers for you.

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